Vegetarian Lunch Box A

Mediterranean Salad, Baby Frittata, Fresh Fruit

$21.80 per box
(If more than 20 boxes - $20.00)


Vegetarian Lunch Box B

European Falafel Wrap, Spinach Salad, Fresh Fruit

$19.90 per box



Tasty Feta cheese, freshly sliced cucumber and tomato, then garnished with Kalamata olives and basil pesto

$6.25 each
(Min. 6 items)


Bocconcini Antipasti
Bocconcini cheese with avocado, tomato, baby spinach leaves, char-grilled pumpkin and garnished with black olive tapanade.

$6.25 each
(min. 6 items)


Savoury Muffins (vegetarian)

Delicious savoury muffins, served warm.  

  • Pesto, Cherry Tomato & Feta
  • Ham, Cheddar Cheese & Corn
  • Chicken, Swiss, Sun-dried tomato & Herbs

$3.90 per item

Min. 8 items 


Mini Frittata (vegetarian) (warm)

Delightful mini vegetarian frittatas, served warm.  

$3.90 per item 
(min. 10 items)

vegetariangluten free

Vegetable Antipasto
Char-grilled zuchinni, red capsicum and pumpkin, seasoned with herbs and cracked pepper, garnished with shaved parmesan, and parsley.

$6.25 each
(Min. 6 items)


Petite Vegie Rolls

A mini roll enriched with falafel, grilled capsicum, zucchini, oak lettuce and smothered with a rich tomato chutney.
(Reccomended: 1 1/2 per person)

$6.20 each


Salad for one (vegetarian)

For the healthy individual.  Choose from:
Tossed Garden Salad
Mediterranean Salad
Chickpea Salad

$8.20 per item

Item is available for: vegetarian Vegetarian gluten free Gluten Free
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